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Why I'm running for re-election:

I made the decision to run for public office after the 2018-19 legislative session when no meaningful environmental legislation was signed into law. As a lifelong activist for a variety of causes, I pledged to work tirelessly for meaningful change that would benefit people in my district and all of Rhode Island.

Most recently, I’ve directed my efforts to finding real solutions to the climate crisis. I have been moved by listening to young people who want their elected officials to confront this existential threat to their futures. Scientists have emphasized that there is no time to waste. When elected, I will do everything I can to ensure future generations have a livable planet.  

While I entered this race because of my passion for climate justice, I am committed to addressing the many important challenges facing the people of my district and the state.  

Since 2015, I have called the Norwood Section of Warwick my home. After joining the Norwood Neighborhood Association, I learned that our state leadership had not changed much over the years. I believe that in order to tackle the pressing issues of our day, we need legislators who see our city with fresh eyes, and who can work with people who have lived here for a long time.

As a candidate, I have been listening to the concerns of those in our district, even those who don't identify as Democrats. These residents want the best for themselves and their families, regardless of their political party. I pledge to be the candidate and Senator who takes the time to listen to the people, and who will work for them and not for Corporate PACS or Democratic Party leadership.

Make a Donation

I represent the people of District 31, not corporate interests. That's why I've refuse to take money from fossil fuel companies and Corporate PACs. Your donation makes this work possible, enabling me to be a voice for our shared values in the RI State House.

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