Kendra's Statement on Covid-19

Food Drive for Covid-19 Relief


“We are looking forward to helping the community during this difficult time”


[Warwick] While political campaigns have taken a pause from doing in-person voter outreach and fundraisers, two local candidates are stepping up to help the community by sponsoring and organizing a food drive.


The candidates, Kendra Anderson, who is running for Senate District 31 in Warwick and Cranston, and Warwick City Council Ward 9 Candidate Zach Colón, contacted local agencies and organizations and found that food was badly needed to help the local community during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.


“My campaign is about serving the community and I want to help in any way I can,” Anderson stated. “I raised my son from birth as his only parent and I understand how difficult it can be to put food on the table during the best of times and how extraordinarily difficult it can be during troubling times like in this unprecedented crisis. No matter how fortunate we are in life, many of us are just one lay-off, hospital bill, or tragedy away from needing help from the community. I am looking forward to highlighting this now, throughout the campaign and more importantly when I am elected.” 


Colón echoed that ideology stating, “growing up in a single parent household, I watched my mother struggle at times being able to balance putting a roof over my sister’s and my head and having groceries in the fridge. Being a City Councilor is more than just about passing ordinances and fielding complaints about potholes. It’s about celebrating our community during the good times, and standing up as an advocate any way possible during the tough times. We are looking forward to doing our part to help the community during this difficult time and when elected, that won’t change. This pandemic is about much more than politics and this food drive is about much more than food. It is about our community rallying around each other and that is what my campaign is all about.” 


Contributions for the food drive can be made in two different ways. The first is through donating non-perishable items which will be collected by the campaigns in a safe way. To sign up to make a donation of a non-perishable item, please fill out the attached Google Form or email and a campaign staffer will be in touch.


The second way is through making a monetary donation by going to our ActBlue page. 100% of the proceeds made through the donation link will be used to purchase non-perishable items from local businesses and will be donated to the food pantry. 


All items will be collected for Westbay Community Action Inc. by April 17.