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Meet Kendra

Kendra Anderson has been a leader for change her entire life. She has devoted most of her professional life to teaching and social service work. Early in her career, Kendra was a case manager and teacher at Head Start, providing early learning and health services to assist the growth and development of young children. More recently, she served as an environmental educator, teaching school children about responsible energy use. She currently teaches English as a Second Language in Central Falls. As a state senator, Kendra will make it a priority to ensure that every student in Rhode Island has access to a quality education regardless of their background.

Why I'm Running for Re-Election

Kendra has been a passionate environmentalist her entire life. She is one of the founders and past presidents of Climate Action Rhode Island, the only affiliated group in RI. There, she led a large group of volunteers and worked on major projects within the environmental community. She is a member of the Environmental Council of Rhode Island’s Climate Crisis Campaign that recommended revisions to the Act on Climate 2020 bill. 

She continues to be a trusted advisor for environmental organizations throughout the state, working to educate elected officials on legislation regarding climate change, the environment, and the Green New Deal.  

Closer to home, she serves on the Norwood Neighborhood Association Leadership Team. She is committed to addressing issues facing the Norwood community and the community of Warwick as a whole. 

Kendra Anderson is a strong advocate for funding our schools so every child has access to a quality education, for creating a tax system where the richest 1% pay their fair share, and for fair labor practices. 

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In her personal life, as an only parent to her son Jake, Kendra has often opened her home to young people who are struggling with housing or unemployment, helping them to get back on their feet.

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